Jummy discovers: LA

After being in California for some months, it was only right that I visit LA. This iconic city is home to many celebrities and is the location for filming many movies, and I had the pleasure of exploring it.

I started off in Santa Monica and visited the pier. It was a very vibrant area with many colours and performers. The beach was clean and quite bare, whilst the water was clear and glittery as the sun shone down.

I then went to the Getty Museum. I love art galleries so seeing the collections here was intriguing. The architecture of this Museum was really fascinating, with the structured design and straight lines.

Many of the collections were European paintings and sculptures spanning many years, there was even an exhibit recreating rooms in French houses. I was naturally drawn to the photography exhibition, and these two pictures (below) particularly captivated me. There was also a Michelangelo exhibit which was interesting, it was inspiring to see his drawings and hear about the process behind his work.

My final stop in this trip was Hollywood, naturally. I had to see the iconic Hollywood sign and walk of fame.

I walked around the streets and absorbed all the bright, neon signs and the vibrant energy.

Initially, driving into LA was not that exciting. The scenery, such as the palm trees and suburban houses, was very similar to San Diego so I did not feel like I was in a different city. It wasn’t until I got to Hollywood and experienced the traffic that I really felt like I was in LA. It was nice to get out and explore a different place for a while, even if it was just for a day.

Love Jummy