Is men’s fashion devoid of creativity?

Fashion is often perceived as female territory, but men are also able to enjoy the thrill of a curated outfit. However, when thinking of men’s fashion, a limited number of things come to mind. The styles that men often feel comfortable wearing fall into a small number of categories which can cause difficulties for menswear designers. As well as producing unique and creative pieces, designers also have to consider what their customers will actually buy and hence what they like to wear. But designers have not allowed the limitations of men’s fashion to hold them back and have found ways to create interesting yet wearable pieces.

This season of men’s fashion has shown experimentation with colour. Despite the collections being for the Fall and Winter, splashes of colour and even bright monochrome fits have graced the runway. Colour is a simple way to draw attention to what would otherwise be a basic outfit. Whilst the designers have been very bold with their colour choices, it is also possible to find shades that add interest but do not stray too far from your comfort zone.

Designers have also focused on the design of their jackets to create interesting shapes and silhouettes. Experimentation in this arena took several forms, such as embellishments and cut outs. A jacket is a staple in any Fall/Winter wardrobe, and men are spoilt with choice for an update on the basic coat.

Accessories have also been a staple this season. The most interesting accessory I witnessed on the runway were the gloves at the Dior show. Kim Jones was able to turn a seemingly boring and necessary item into a fashion statement. Other notable adornments are bags and scarves. Accessories are great ways to add an extra dimension to an outfit whilst also keeping it practical for the colder seasons.

All this goes to show that menswear can also be versatile and interesting. Designers have shown that they are not willing to be constrained by societal norms and are prepared to think inside and outside the box to create intriguing pieces. But the one golden rule for menswear shows remain: when in doubt, add some womenswear.

Love Jummy