Not just fashion

It may seem odd to suggest that a fashion show is not just about fashion, but this is the most appropriate view. Whilst the clothes are the main attraction, there are other aspects of the show that contribute to our perception of the collection.


The production of the atmosphere is of utmost importance. The set should emulate the theme of the collection. This could be through the use of a location, examples from this season include Dior in a garden and Tom Ford in a train station. Or it could just be the colours and design of the area chosen such as the beige walls in Hermes. The set greatly contributes to how you feel about the collection and is a part of the creative process.


Much like the set, the music is also an important element. It adds to the vibe and could also dictate the experience one has of the collection. The genre chosen ties in with the clothes and the location, for example the Ralph Lauren show had jazz music which added to the sophistication and elegance of the show.


This encompasses the make-up, accessories as well as which pieces are paired together. This is the opportunity for the designer to envision how the pieces they have created will be worn. Here the designer is able to work with other creatives so as to share their vision. Runway make-up can be dramatic and exaggerated, such as Valentino, or subtle and understated, like Etro.


The models are the ones who showcase the collection and sell it to potential buyers. Their performance in the show could make or break the sales and opinions of the collection; therefore, this choice is really important. The models chosen ideally represent the type of person the designer is hoping to appeal to, as well as possess the skills to showcase the clothes well.

Love Jummy