Blast from the past – fashion edition

Trends are constantly being recycled as brands and individuals gain inspiration from the past. This year has seen some very interesting aspects of the past being reimagined into the modern day. Below are the few that I have noticed.

Anyone who watched Friends knows that Rachel Green was the most stylish of the six. Watching her glo up from being a waitress to working at Ralph Lauren was not only inspiring but also displayed how sophistication could also be stylish. Ralph Lauren recently announced its Rachel Green inspired ‘wear-to-work’ collection. This collection will enable you to be work appropriate without sacrificing your personal style. From plaid skirts and leopard print jackets, to classic white shirts and turtlenecks, there is something for both the playful and the sober.

The green dress that invented Google images was brought back to our remembrance in the most elegant way possible. One of Jennifer Lopez’s most iconic red-carpet appearances featured a riskay dress that flattered her body in a perfect way in 2000. People frantically searched for a picture of her in the dress and thus Google images was born. Donatella Versace decided not only to reimagine the dress but also to have JLO herself close her show in the dress. This moment was very memorable with a standing ovation from the audience who aimed to capture the walk. Remarkable at 50 years old, she could still pull it off.

A less direct reference from the past was one of the major trends on the runway this season. Big, sharp shoulders made several appearances which made me wonder, are shoulder pads coming back? With the rising popularity of suits and blazers, especially mixing the sophisticated style with street style, it is no wonder that designers decided to experiment with shoulders.

The second part of the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya collection was launched. This 70s and 80s inspires collection featured modernised versions of wide-leg trousers, long scarves and long dresses. This era is very important to Tommy as a brand as he began his fashion career in ’71. Zendaya also feels personally connected to this era as many of the pieces were inspired by her grandmother’s life. Staging the show in Harlem is also reminiscent of the rich history encased in this area, especially for African American artistry. The whole show was a celebration of unapologetic black joy located in a historically important black landmark.

Let me know what you think of these trends.


Love Jummy