Jummy Discovers: Balboa Park

When searching for places to visit in San Diego, Balboa Park is always near the top of the list, so I knew this was somewhere I needed to see. I took my camera along with me and was prepared to capture the beauty of this park.

The first place I encountered was outside the park. It wasn’t the leafy, grassy scene I expected but it intrigued me. It was sandy and dry but there were a lot of plants; it almost reminded me of a desert.

I kept walking and encountered the opposite of what I just saw. This area represented life with the flow of water and green grass. I was struck by the beautiful and colourful roses that were all around. I also saw a columned seating area where I tried (and failed) to take some pictures of myself.

I wandered around the park some more and saw a large fountain which was a great attraction. Many people were gathered around it trying to take pictures or splash around. I had to act fast to capture the scene with nobody in it, but then also decided to capture this girl’s pose.

As I kept on walking, I saw a few stalls. There weren’t many as it was labour day, but I’ve heard that they have food trucks on Friday’s, so I’ll have to pay another visit. I captured some areas that I thought were interesting, especially this brown building surrounded by flowers.IMG_4827IMG_4835I was starting to get tired as I had been walking for so long, but I was drawn into this colourful artsy area. What struck me was the colourful tiles on the floor. The area included lots of small building each with a different coloured door. I knew I had to take some pictured as the colours would be fun to manipulate in the editing. 

As I mentioned I went to the park on labour day meaning it wasn’t as busy as it usually is. Whilst this was great for taking scenery pictures, it meant that I wasn’t able to fully enjoy what the park had to offer. There are also many interesting museums here which I could not enter. I will be making another visit to Balboa to be able to take advantage of these amenities and if you want me to document that as well then let me know.

To see the full range of pictures I took on this visit then click here or simply visit the photo stories area of my website.

Love Jummy