Life update: living in Cali

As I type these words on a Word document, I look over my laptop to see my view. I see the big trees and the random bushes. I see the cute villas and apartment buildings. I see the big cars and the man walking his dog. I see the views that I do not recognise because I am in San Diego, California.

I opted to do a year abroad with my degree and was offered a space in San Diego. I jumped at the idea of spending an entire year in a new environment. It didn’t feel real until I was at the airport boarding my flight and I realised that I would be in a foreign country by myself for an academic year; I didn’t know anyone who lived here or even what to expect. Two weeks later and it still doesn’t feel real. Classes have started and uni is basically in full swing, but my brain is still adjusting to the fact that I am here.

So far, my experience has been positive. I’ve met some nice people, I have a nice flat and classes so far are calm. I am hoping that the experience will continue to get better as I explore all that San Diego and California has to offer. I will be updating my blog and social media as regularly as I can so you guys can follow me on this journey.

Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments or message me on one of my social media platforms.

Love Jummy