Africa is happening

When reading Edward Enninful’s editors’ letter for the July 2019 issue of British Vogue, I was instantly inspired. ‘Africa is happening’ he writes, as he describes how luxury and creativity is sweeping the continent. A continent often characterised by its shortcomings is now being seen in a new light as creativity is increasingly being expressed. Whilst African culture has been a point of inspiration for several major fashion brands, the most recent being Dior showing their Marrakesh inspired collection in Marrakesh, it is important to give credit to those African brands who aim to express their personal culture through fashion. Here are some of those brands

Duro Olowu

A master of prints, he doesn’t shy away from mixing seemingly clashing colours and prints. His focus on long dresses and trousers enables the main focus of the pieces to be the pattern chosen. The pieces themselves flow with effortless grace and are beautifully constructed.


Dramatic elegance. Claude Kameni, a Cameroonian who relocated to the US, uses Ankara materials to create showstopping gowns. Ruffles and trains appear to be the highlight of her 2019 collection as well as her choice of vibrant coloured material. It is no wonder the likes of Tracee Ellis Ross and Maria Borges wear her clothing.

Lisa Folawiyo

The use of bold prints, as well as the missing of different prints, in her collections is very telling of her African roots. Folawiyo has a strong eye for fit and tailoring which comes through in her work. The cuttings in her pieces create interesting silhouettes and are very flattering to the body.

Christie Brown

The Ghanaian based luxury designer appears to favour sophistication. Her long pieces, with some exaggerated sleeves, are very romantic and the prints stay true to her African heritage. The elegance of the pieces if sometimes contrasted with. The cuts which show just the right amount of skin to be sexy but not too revealing.

Love Jummy