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Caitlin certainly has her hands full with her participation in ministry whilst studying three subjects in university, Politics, Philosophy and Law. And if this wasn’t enough, she also runs her own platform called Kingdom Ambassadors. The vision? “Being able to resource young Christians with Bible studies, messages, sermons, different written resources that will help them to grow and develop in their faith.” This may seem like a lot to juggle, especially for someone who is only 20, but her faith and determination to achieve her calling is her driving force. Speaking with Caitlin revealed her journey in ministry so far, how she overcame the most difficult period of her life as well as her hopes for the future.

The ministry journey began in 2014 with a blog. Sharing her experiences, her faith and using the platform to encourage other teenagers and young adults to take their faith seriously developed into people reaching out to ask her to speak in their churches, conferences and events. She now uses various methods to share the gospel whether this be through speaking engagements, blogging or live streaming. “We’re also looking to create a proper website where there will be resources and other programmes that we can put on for young people.” This transition from typing her ideas to speaking them was not easy but was a very interesting one. “It’s been interesting because I never thought I would be doing that when I felt led to start a blog.” But there were two things happening simultaneously that enabled this development. Firstly, there was the external pull from external churches and conferences wanting her to speak. Secondly, there was the internal pull within her own church in which her pastors and senior leaders began to see her gift. The training she was receiving in her own church enabled her to succeed in her external speaking engagements. “It was an interesting transition because you’re exposed to a lot more, you meet a lot of different people. There are a lot of burdens and challenges that come with preaching the word of God, but I think when you know you’re called to do something there is a level of resilience you have even when it gets a bit difficult or challenging.”

So, what else has aided her improvement? “Definitely being teachable, being humble and committed to God’s process to you.” When you realise your calling, she explains, it is very easy to dive right in without seeking wisdom or counsel from those who are experienced, but Caitlin avoids this mistake through observing and inquiring. “Whenever I get around other preachers and other leaders that are doing what I one day want to accomplish for the kingdom of God, I take a lot of notes and I’m very attentive to what they do. As much as preaching and teaching are spiritual gifts, they are also skills that you can learn and practically get better at.” Her willingness to sit under those who have gone before her has enabled her to successfully follow her calling.IMG_2077Whilst Caitlin has many achievements under her belt, her journey has not always been easy. Growing up Catholic and deciding to follow a different denomination was “the hardest time in [her] life.” She became used to the religious routine of going to church on Sunday as this was the right thing to do, but outside of a Sunday God was never a topic of discussion. Being saved at 15 was the turning point for her as she came to understand grace and that salvation could not be achieved through action. “I couldn’t work to be loved by God, but it was something that was already freely given to me. I just had to respond to that and continue to walk in response to it.” The scripture Luke 14:26 really resonated with her during this period as she realised that her love for God had to be much stronger than her love for anyone else. Like Abraham you have to be willing to leave your father’s house if they are committed to doing things that are not in line with Biblical practice. “That transition was hard because I was doing it as a very young teenager. I was breaking away from the tradition and culture of what my family knew, so it did take a lot of time for them to understand what was going on with me.” But what made this easier was the impact that God was having in her life, and once her parents recognised this, they could not deny it. “My attitude was different, the way I spent my time was different, the activities I involved myself in was different. Everything about me was changing, I think they saw a growing commitment to my faith. They couldn’t deny what God was doing in my life.” In addition to this, God gave her wisdom to be able to understand how to relate with their parents during this time. After all, they had not had the same experience that she had so how could she expect them to fully understand? “It was difficult, but God’s grace really took me through and having a solid church community around me, walking me through the process definitely helped.”

However, this difficult period brought great results as her ministry has had a very positive impact on her life as a whole. “I think one thing that has really helped is to understand people better.” Growing to become an introvert meant it was difficult for her to approach people or participate in big group discussions, but her ability to understand and relate with people has been instilled with her from a very young age. Being the agony aunt to those around her when she was young didn’t seem significant but what she did not realise at the time was that she was discipling and counselling. Ministry is much more than the sermons on the pulpit. “The thing about ministry that it involves walking with people, counselling people, being there and praying for people. It was all the behind the scenes of ministry that really helped me understand people better and made me better at connecting with people.” Lucky for Caitlin, God had been planting seeds for her to succeed in this very important area. “I think it’s also helped make me more organised. I have to be.”IMG_2079Moving now from the past to the future, what are her plans? Two words: rebrand and solidify. In terms of Kingdom Ambassadors, the plan is to solidify it as a resource centre and enhance what young people are already learning in their local churches. As digital media is now our main means of communication, it is vital that the church takes advantage of this development. “The reach is so accessible. Although the message hasn’t changed, we have to use different means that the culture provides to continue to share the gospel.” And personally, she also hopes to solidify her personal brand and ministry and hopefully come out with some resources, courses and teaching that will really help people outside of the scope of Kingdom Ambassadors. “Kingdom Ambassadors is more so about how to live for God and how to represent Christ as a young disciple, but I think there is more to my calling than just that. I do feel heavily called to young people, but I also have a big heart for women, upcoming leaders and there is a lot of preaching and teaching stuff I want to do with regards to just my own brand.”

With all these different goals, two things are the most important to Caitlin: “just continuing to share the gospel. I hope to do all this alongside the practice of law as I want to be a barrister. So, doing all of this long term.”

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