Get to Know: Justin

Laughs, jokes and banter are just a taste of what 21-year-old Justin has to offer. His funny and creative skits will not only have you in stitches but also enable you to relate to some quality content. Although he is currently studying Computer Science in Georgia Southern University, the Nigerian creative entertainer, as he coins himself, dreams of working as an actor. With role models such as Kevin Hart and Michael Blackson, he aims to be at the top of the game in a diversity of roles. I caught up with Justin to delve more into his content and his hopes for the future.IMG_1945.jpgWhen and how did you start doing comedy and entertainment?

That’s the thing, I wouldn’t call myself a comedian, I prefer the term entertainer. But basically, I started off with dance videos, then I created a YouTube channel. People found what I was doing funny and then it literally just happened. I didn’t plan to start doing skits. I’ve been doing this since 2009, that’s when I started dancing and doing skits on the low. Now I focus less on the dancing and more on the skits.

When you first started doing your skits, how were they received by the people around you? And how do you think that’s changed over time?

People didn’t like it at first, they were like this ain’t it you need to focus on dancing. That was around the same time as vine. The support then wasn’t really crazy but now it’s different. I took a lot of the criticisms and used it to improve on my work so the way I deliver my content has changed. So that really helped me.

What inspires your skits?

Life in general. If you watch my skits you will see that I do things that are very relatable. So, I really just draw on life experiences.

So, what’s the process from having an idea to having a video ready to be posted?

For me, my skits aren’t really professional. I use my phone to record most of them. As soon as I get an idea, I love to execute it immediately, I hate waiting. Once I’m I just get out my phone, get into character, and start recording. I do different clips, choose the best ones, edit them on my phone and then post it. I don’t write scripts because I prefer things to be natural.

How do you cope with the demand to be constantly producing content, especially if you have a creative block?

That happens to me a lot of times. So, I just go off social media which is hard for me but that relieves the pressure. I just take the time to reflect and go out and an idea will eventually come to me.IMG_1946.jpgWhat does the future look like for you, and how do you think entertainment will help you with that?

I am really trying to get into acting, most likely Hollywood. I mean I could do Nollywood, but my goal is Hollywood. So, for now I’m just trying to grow and brand myself properly. I try to make short movies myself but besides that I don’t have any other experience right now.

What kind of roles do you see yourself playing and are there any actors you particularly look up to?

I look up to Kevin Hart a lot, and Michael Blackson. I think I would like to play any roles because I like to push myself, I don’t want to be too comfortable doing something. I want to learn from every role.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering making skits?

Consistency, that’s what has really helped me. I get a lot of criticism as well and not everyone is trying to hate; some people actually want to see you improve so I always try and implement the constructive criticism. Try and work on your content and you should see a difference in your work over time.

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