Who inspires my style?

A lot of the time when I am bored of the clothes in my wardrobe or the way I style my outfits, I scroll through my Instagram feed to get some inspiration. I find that it is usually the same people whose pictures and outfits inspire me so I have complied a list of my favourite baddies and their best fits (in my opinion) for you guys. All pictures were taken from their instagrams so make sure to use the links (by clicking on their names) and explore for yourself.

Jayde Pierce

An absolute baddie. She is known for her make up channel and perfect face but has recently been posting outfit pics on Instagram and I am so here for it. When I’m a mum I wanna slay as much as she does. I would describe her style as casual chic as she tends to pair jeans and jumpsuits with heeled shoes.


My fave duo. I’ve been following them for some time now and I love their channel and creativity. The way they compose and edit their videos and pictures are amazing and so inspiring. Their style is very minimal, and they really know how to work a simple outfit.

Kelsey Simone

I recently found her YouTube channel and I have been so obsessed. Her interest in high fashion really resonates with me and she definitely knows her stuff. Watching her style her outfits on her channel is so informative and reminds me that I’m not the only one who makes a mess when getting ready. I love how she can work a statement piece and bold patterns without making it look tacky.

Julia Dang

Her channel is very similar to ToThe9s and she has recently been doing it solo. Her videos and creativity are amazing and she takes amazing pictures. She knows how to rock a school boy outfit and add her own touch to make it more feminine and flattering.

Kianna Naomi

Such a beautiful girl. I love her personality and the energy she brings on her channel. Her style is both girly with her cute, frilly dresses as well as tomboyish with her cargo pants and t-shirts. Personally, I prefer how she rocks pants and adds a girly touch to it.

Let me know what you guys think of their style and who you gain inspiration from

Love Jummy