The rise of the urban brands

I touched on this slightly in my H&M x Moschino review, but recently in fashion the lines between high street fashion and high fashion are being blurred and both worlds seem to be combining. Not only are we seeing more high fashion pieces and brands in high street stores, but we are also seeing more street fashion on the runway.

This is something that is especially supported by Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White, who aims to combine street fashion with high fashion. Streetwear has formerly been seen as the uniform of a certain demographic as it was cheap and lasted long, but Virgil aims to bring an element of sophistication to how it is viewed and make it more universally desirable.

Another designer who is determined to bring streetwear to the attention of high fashion is Kanye West with his brand Yeezy. Known for their trainers and imaginative campaigns, Yeezy has succeed in becoming a high-end urban brand.

A further illustration of the blurring of the lines is the Fila SS19 runway show. I was so shook to see Fila on the runway, which is what inspired this post. Back in the day, Fila was a brand that belonged to the ‘urban’ kids who bought them mainly because they would last long; it was never a fashion statement. As time went on and the urban, edgy style became more in, brands such as Timberland, Reebok and indeed Fila were more widely worn and became a staple of people’s personal style. But never did I think Fila would go so far as to become recognised as high fashion, and have its own runway show in Milan. Despite this, the brand has still maintained its authenticity with products such as the ‘dad trainers’ and the sportswear pieces.

The question of how this affects the fashion industry really depends on your personal opinion. Some people may think this may cheapen high-fashion as it is no longer exclusive. Others may think this may dim the authenticity of streetwear as it is now entering a new world with different rules. However, I think that it is a beneficial development for both parties. It benefits high fashion as it brings another perspective to the runway and allows the runway to be more representative of the style of the world. Streetwear has been in style for a while now and has been rocked by celebrities and public figures at fashion events; it was about time it was seen on the runway as well. This development also means that those who buy exclusively high fashion items, such as celebrities, can express themselves in any way they want. Nowadays we have more young people becoming famous and they may not want to subscribe to wearing traditional brands such as Chanel. This allows them to stay true to their personal style as opposed to subscribing to what is ‘acceptable’.

Let me know what you think about this development in fashion and what brands you think are doing it well.

Love Jummy