Vogue Jan 2019: Hit or Miss?

The future issue of Vogue (which is the theme for the January 2019 issue) was recently revealed. I loved the idea to have an issue dedicated to young people and the influence they have on fashion. In today’s society, young people are exhibiting a greater interest in fashion and are driving the narrative in terms of trends.

vogue.com, Shot by: Nadine Ijewere

Whilst I loved the theme for this issue, I feel that it was not executed efficiently. Dua Lipa (who is on the cover of the issue) had had a very successful career thus far and has had considerable influence in fashion. But if we are talking about the future and development of fashion in the context of young people, I think that YouTubers and Bloggers have had more of an influence. In the digital age, the opinions of such influencers affect which trends catch on as well as where people decide to shop. Many people enjoy seeing how their favourite YouTuber/Blogger style their pieces and use this as a form of inspiration for their own personal style. Some YouTubers have even gone further than fashion hauls and collaborated with brands to bring out their own collection, examples being Olivia Jade x Princess Polly and Emma Chamberlain x Dote. I think that these young people are a significant part of the future of fashion and would have been a perfect addition to the future issue.

On the topic of the digital age and technology, the way in which we shop and experience fashion has developed and become more easily accessible. Gone are the days where people walk up and down the high street in search for the perfect dress for an upcoming event. Nowadays people are able to access the latest trends in the comfort of their own home and have it delivered to them in the click of a button. We cannot deny how great of an influence online stores such as Misguided, Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Thing have had on the fashion industry, especially in the context of young people. For this reason, I think that the founders of these sites would also have been a perfect addition to this issue. These sites dictate what is trendy in some respects as their pieces reflect what consumers want, for example the motorsport trend was very much pushed by these sites. Featuring the founders would have given us a useful insight into the digitalisation of the fashion industry and what this means for brands.

A great thing about this issue is that it was the first ever Vogue cover to have been shot by a black woman, and Nadine Ijewere did an amazing job! It was very fitting to have a black woman shoot the future issue of Vogue as it displays that the future of fashion is diversity and inclusion, and we will soon stop having the ‘first black person to’. Nadine is not a stranger to Vogue as she has previously shot editorials for Vogue Italia, but this is the first time her work has been on the front cover of one of the most important Vogue magazines. Her portfolio is very impressive as she has shot for the likes of Allure magazine, for whom she shot Rihanna, and Stella McCartney. I am really excited to see where her talent will take her next and also to see more diversity in the fashion industry, not just at the forefront but also behind the scenes.

Let me know what you think of this Vogue issue and whether you agree with my suggestions.

Love Jummy