New York Fashion Week 2018 review

My first ever post was a fashion week review and I’m here with another one. New York fashion week was spectacular this year and I’ve commented on what I think were the most stand-out shows. I’ve included links to the shows (just click on the names of the designers) so you can watch them as well.

Jason Wu 

The set-up for this show was classical and clean. The flowers on the pillars added sophistication and colour, especially given the lack of colour in the outfits at the beginning. Although the clothes were classy and corporate there was a slight edge to the designs. As the show progressed more and more colour is seen in the outfits and the music also becomes more fun and upbeat. The runway was short in comparison to usual runways but as the collection featured mainly corporate wear there was no need for a long runway. However, the mirrored pillars make the space look slightly bigger. There were women of different races in this show and I love to see diversity in the fashion industry.


Alexander Wang 


The up-beat, punk-style music matched the edgy, cool vibe of the outfits. The music was fast-paced at the beginning and the backpacks and the spy glasses make is seem like the models are on a mission. Although the outfits are mostly black, nothing is plain about them. The big details and use of varying materials and random drops of colour give the clothes character. The swift change to a slower rhythm changes the mood but the outfits are still bold and slowly become simpler and fitting. The jazz music near the end accompanied the classy clothes in the collection.



My favourite show of the week. Alternative, daring looks with the coloured wigs and bright clothes. The upbeat music matched the fun colours and vibrance of the show perfectly. There were men on the runway which isn’t seen often. The runway itself was very basic which made the clothes stand out more. The style of the clothes progressed and became more daring with the addition of texture and use of different materials, different cuts and more colours on each outfit. Shoes stand out especially as they are either bold boots or coloured brogues. It felt as if the show was on the moon with the style of the clothes.

Brandon Maxwell 


Coloured lights in the runway made it seem like a concert and the lyrics in the music also made it seem like it was a live show. The outfits were sophisticated and classy.
The set-up itself was concert-like and not only did the models walk on the stage but they also walked through the audience which allowed them to see the clothes up-close. The models were having fun on the runway with their poses and spins. The crystal jewellery added to the classy vibe as did the material of the clothes.

Anna Sui 


The music and the backdrop created an indie vibe which was supported by the clothes. The models were having fun with the clothes on the runway and I love seeing their characters come out. As the show progressed the colour of the clothes became lighter. There were two runways and the models had multiple poses which allowed the audience to appreciate the designs and also made the show more fun. Anna Sui was bringing back 80s fashion but with a modern twist in this show and it worked really well.

Prabal Gurung 


A dramatic start with the blackout and suspenseful music. The runway itself was very simple but the image projections onto the floor and the outfits give the show some character. The clothes were generally loose fitting and flowy which created a relaxed atmosphere, but the pace of the music gave the show some life. The models were central and did not walk through the audience which allowed there to be more focus and appreciation of the outfits. Ashley Graham walked the show and represented curvy models, this shows that the industry is progressing in including different body types. The music became slower as the colours of the clothes were not as bold and were softer and lighter but then the bold colours reappeared as the pace of the music picked up slightly. The velvet, flowy clothes appeared near the end of the show as the music became softer. The ending of the show was very unique and creative.



The show started in the woods with broken, old TVs and a horror film vibe which was supported by the heavy, dramatic music. The spot lights on the runway places everyone else but the models in darkness which meant that the clothes were the focal point of the show. The clothes themselves were dark and had a running theme of autumn (or fall as the Americans call it) with the colours. Once again there were men on the runway which may become the norm.

Philpp Plein


One of the most creative shows of the week. The beginning was dramatic with the mining and the vehicles followed by live rap music. The low lights and dark setting were very winter appropriate which was the theme of the show. The lighting and music were used effectively throughout the show to bring energy. The first model’s entrance set the scene for the whole show and introduced the space theme. The clothes were winter and space themed with the big jackets, hats and accessories such as skis, goggles and gloves. There were mainly dark colours, but some bright colours were incorporated, and the materials were winter appropriate. Instead of the models walking off the stage, as is usually done in fashion shows, the models lined up at the back of the stage.
Love Jummy