What’s it really like being in an all girls school?

A fun fact about me is that I went to a girls school for high school and college and my experiences were quite different from my friends who went to mixed schools.

Disclaimer: this post is in no way me trying to be sexist but me just sharing my experiences.

One thing I noticed about my school was the level of drama. There was almost always some sort of beef in high school that was usually not that deep. In addition, the way in which the beef was resolved was extremely petty. People would talk behind each other’s backs and gossip about each other rather than confronting each other. I was also absorbed by the pettiness and drama at times because it was all around me. There were never any physical fights and occasionally there were verbal arguments but problems were mostly solved through an intermediary. However, this created a calm environment because there were never any physical altercations; everything was solved in a (relatively) civilised manner.

Another thing I noticed was the obsession with boys. This was mainly in high school but there was always so much gossip about who was in a relationship with who and who was flirting with who. There was a boys school across the road from my school and there were so many relationships that arose between our schools. Any opportunity for joint activities with the boys was always greatly appreciated. What baffled me was that it was always the same names I was hearing in relationships just in a different pairing.

Another thing I noticed was the volume of fake people. In my experience, girls tend to be more fake than guys in friendships which is really sad. There were a lot of fake people in my school; people would gossip about their ‘friend’ to me and the same day I would see them acting like besties. This made me very cautious of who I was friends with and I distanced myself from people as a safety mechanism.

One misconception about a girls school is that there are a lot of lesbians. My friends from outside of school seemed to think this but in my school, there weren’t many. Personally I don’t see how the school you attend can affect your sexuality.

Despite all of this, there were a few quirks of being in this school. I found that it was very free in a sense that I didn’t have to hide aspects of my femininity. For example, I could walk into a room full of people and ask for a sanitary pad without the fear of a boy giving me weird looks. I could also walk down the corridor and pull my tights up without anyone judging me. These are habits I need to grow out of in the real world.

Overall my experience was calm but I would have preferred going to a mixed school, especially for college.

I hope you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas.
Love Jummy