London Fashion Week – personal favourites


Hey guys, so for my first post I decided to talk about London fashion week. I am not a fashion critic but I saw all the collections and a few stood out to me. Fashion has always interested me but recently I’ve been interested in high street fashion and paying more attention to fashion weeks. Since London is the closest to home, I thought I’d write about that one.



The first is Charlotte Olympia. The thing I liked most about this was that all the outfits were black but they did not resemble each other in any other way. A lot of the clothes I wear are black and there’s always the fear that my outfits look the same. This collection displays the diversity of the colour black and how it can be smart, playful and casual. However it is good to experiment with colour which I have been trying to do but black is still my favourite colour to wear.



The next one is Sophia Webster. For me the most important part of an outfit are the shoes. I love shoes and this line definitely satisfied me. I loved the design of the shoes and how they were very different to anything I had seen before. I felt that the shoes complimented the outfits beautifully and were all very unique.



The last one is Ashish. The thing I loved about this collection was the afros. It delights me to see nappy hair being celebrated instead of being ridiculed as it usually is. I also oved that they were colourful showing that black girls can have coloured hair without it being labelled ‘ghetto’. However I wasn’t happy with the fact that some white models were used to model in the afros because it is a symbol of African culture that should be worn and celebrated by black girls. But I’m happy that some black models were used.

Feel free to comment your favourite collections from London Fashion Week or what you thought of these ones.

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